Still Homeless – But Relocated

So I’m still homeless – just now in a different state.

A lot of local governments in Florida (including Ft. Myers where I lived) are trying their best to criminalize homeless people as a way of dealing with the problem. For example if you fall asleep in the middle of the day in a public park the police can arrest you if they want to. Over half of the other homeless people I knew personally have been arrested for loitering/trespassing.

The local churches and Salvation Army in Ft. Myers are doing everything they can to help but there are only 2 shelters there and only one of them takes women. They are always full and I’m afraid it’s only going to get worse. Recently in Ft Lauderdale a 90 year old man was arrested for feeding the homeless.

So I decided I should leave Florida before I ended up getting arrested. I was getting tired of it anyway. My step-sister D. was right – after a while you do miss the change of seasons. It took a while but I saved up enough money for a Greyhound bus ticket to NYC.

I am staying in a shelter in the Manhattan area. Even though I am brand new to New York I am still eligible for help – and they have a LOT of different kinds of help available. I’ve already got a food stamp card & I have an appointment to see a therapist to treat my depression. I think if I can finally get a handle on my depression I may finally pull myself together. I’ve already decided that if the therapist recommends medication I will agree to give it a try.

As for work – my short stories are bringing in a tiny income. I also have written a few blog posts for a website. I think if I can beat back my depression then with a bit more energy I could make a full time income freelance copywriting – with a side income from my fiction. That’s my goal anyway.

Wish me luck! (Grin)

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