Me and My DNA

I’ve always figured that genealogy should be taken with a healthy bit of skepticism. ¬†After all, with each generation of your family tree, you’re assuming nobody had a damn good reason to lie about who’s been sleeping with whom. Not to mention folks who moved to a new area and created a whole new family bio.

Nevertheless, out of curiosity, I decided to spend my pennies finding out my DNA. Before, I assumed my ancestors were all from England or Ireland (the distribution between the two depending on which relative I asked.) But, according to Ancestry DNA, the truth is a bit more interesting.

Based on their results I am:

76% Great Britain (England, Scotland or Wales – or some combination of the three.)
7% Ireland (I’m assuming they don’t mean Northern Ireland.)
5% Scandinavia (Some Viking marauders in my past?)
5% West Europe (A lot of possible countries included.)

This adds up to 93%. What about the remaining 7%? Well, Ancestry DNA says it’s divided among three “trace regions”. In other words the percentage is so low that it may or may not be true. They just can’t be sure.

3% Italy/Greece
3% East Europe
1% South Asia (India or Pakistan or Nepal or Bangladesh or Sri Lanka.)

I may never find out if my “trace regions” are true or not and I admit that is a little annoying. Still, it does provide a lot for me to speculate about.

After that, I uploaded the file to for a medical report. Maybe others will find it useful but I didn’t. I’d get one element that suggests a higher risk for something and another lowering it. No explanation of which element holds more weight so there’s no way for me to figure out my true total risk. Although, prostate cancer came up often enough for me to be glad I’m not a guy. The next time I have a checkup I’ll have to see what my doctor can make of it. If anything.


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