Apparently the Slut Shaming Never Ends

I haven’t signed up for any dating sites like this woman. But damn, she is my hero.

Excerpt From the Huffington Post:

“After I got divorced last year, I wrote an¬†OkCupid¬†profile in which I let it be known that I’m down for casual sex. I don’t enjoy meaningless sex — which I had the last five years of my marriage — but I am all for high-octane adult fun.”

“Most of the men who wrote me got my sense of humor, and reached out in part because they thought I was funny. One man, however, took offense at my profile. He said, essentially, that I needed to grow up. He told me it was unseemly for a 50-year-old woman to speak so openly about sex and penis preferences (my facetiousness went about a mile over his head).”

I’d say I want to be her when I grow up except, sigh, I’m already of that “certain age”. Oh well, I still have a few more decades before I become the terror of the local nursing home center.

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