And How Was Your Summer?

Well, this was a really fun summer. I did have a day job. The hourly pay was low and at times the stress was high but I still managed to get by. But the hours eventually dried up. So since the beginning of July I’ve been both jobless and homeless.

I’ve given up on getting another regular job. I’m tired of trying to fit my square peg self into yet another round hole. It’s time I faced it – I just wasn’t made for normal. Plus I’m too old (at 50) to appeal to employers anyway. I’m just going to have to rescue myself as a self employed person. I know I can do this if I only push myself enough. Butt in chair and produce – stories and blog posts for businesses.

I am still breathing. So I’m not done yet. There’s an old proverb that goes “Fall down seven times get up eight”. Here’s me getting up once again. Yay, me.

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My Favorite Mae West Quote

MAE WEST WHEN IM GOOD QUOTEMy favorite quote of hers. <G>

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Apparently the Slut Shaming Never Ends

I haven’t signed up for any dating sites like this woman. But damn, she is my hero.

Excerpt From the Huffington Post:

“After I got divorced last year, I wrote an¬†OkCupid¬†profile in which I let it be known that I’m down for casual sex. I don’t enjoy meaningless sex — which I had the last five years of my marriage — but I am all for high-octane adult fun.”

“Most of the men who wrote me got my sense of humor, and reached out in part because they thought I was funny. One man, however, took offense at my profile. He said, essentially, that I needed to grow up. He told me it was unseemly for a 50-year-old woman to speak so openly about sex and penis preferences (my facetiousness went about a mile over his head).”

I’d say I want to be her when I grow up except, sigh, I’m already of that “certain age”. Oh well, I still have a few more decades before I become the terror of the local nursing home center.

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